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Meet Carbon Steel. It’s a perfect hybrid of a cast iron skillet and a stainless steel frying pan. It has a cast iron’s heat retention, seasoning, and non-stick properties and stainless steel’s heat control, lightness and cooking speed.  French foodies and professional chefs have been using carbon steel for centuries, and we're bringing it to US kitchens.



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Eric Wareheim x Kronnerburger x Made In

The Burger Buddy

Actor and Comedian Eric Wareheim & Joel Burt from Las Jaras Wines, Chris Kronner from Kronnerburger, and Made In joined forces for an al fresco dinner party at Made In's HQ in Austin, TX. Chris and Eric were in charge of making dinner in the Made In Kitchen with our Blue Steel Frying Pan and somehow it turned into a cooking show. Want to make one of Chris' heavenly burgers at home? Watch the video, grab yourself a Blue Carbon Steel Pan and get yourself a copy of A Burger to Believe In.

Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

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As explained by Eric and Chris:

1) Creates the perfect "burger bark."

2) Grills and fires are great, but are they ready to cook in less than 60 seconds?

3) Holds heat evenly from the center to the edge.

4) Handle stays cool so you don't have to "look like one of those idiots" who use a towel.

5) Allows you to steam toast your bun. Chris Kronner explains: "It's always good to toast your buns. It's even better to simultaneously steam them...with butter."

6) It is awesome. As Eric says: "that is why I use this f*cking pan."

Why It's The Perfect Burger Pan

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